Los Angeles has 32 upcoming Loudie show(s).
Tony, GRAMMY® and Emmy Award-winning singer/actor Ben Platt, known for Broadway's Dear Evan Hansen and the Pitch Perfect film franchise, brings his live show to The Greek Theatre this Saturday!
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Kenny Chesney brings the Sun Goes Down Tour to SoFi Stadium this Saturday with special guests Zac Brown Band, Megan Moroney & Uncle Kracker 🤠!
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Lance The venues Ticketmaster site is down due to that global Microsoft outage. Should be back soon and then we can send your tix and you’ll be able to access them.
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Lance Have any questions? https://www.loudie.com/info_pages/faq
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Both as the leader of the Melody Makers and later as a solo artist, Ziggy Marley asserted his individual role as a reggae star, honoring the socially conscious values of his family's legacy. See him live at The Bellwether this Saturday!
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Flamingo Pier, the perfect combo, with its electronic heft weighted lightly with tropical sounds atop, influences pouring in from all directions: Masters At Work, Khruangbin, Prince, Ron Trent, live at Troubadour on Sunday July 21!
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Grammy winner Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore, who made the album Downey To Lubbock together in 2018, with Gilmore known for left of center country music, while Alvin more so old school blues, live at Troubadour on Wednesday July 24!
Alternating between ruthless hardcore punk and melodic post-hardcore, the Los Angeles band Militarie Gun arrives at El Rey Theatre on Thursday July 25!
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Pacific Northwest rock legends Quasi play their beloved 1998 classic third album Featuring "Birds," start to finish in its entirety for the first time live at Troubadour on Friday July 26!
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Urban Heat fuses dark 80's stylings with modern flourishes, a throaty baritone delivering musings on existence and romanticism against an unrelenting industrial gothic pulse live at El Rey Theatre on Saturday July 27!
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Kenyon Dixon, a name known to a crowd of serious R&B listeners that includes fans of Tyrese, Marsha Ambrosius, and Alex Isley, a small fraction of the artists with whom he has collaborated. See him live at El Rey Theatre on Sunday July 28!
A sensitive troubadour for the age of social media, Sombr places equal emphasis on romantic indie-rock melodies and soul-baring lyrics live at Troubadour on Sunday July 28!
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Frat Mouse, a group of 3 college-aged losers who play fast, bring their unique blend of Garage Rock, Emo Punk and Laurel Canyon folk, to Troubadour on Tuesday July 30!
Celebrate 25 years of Spirit Trail with Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers at Troubadour on Wednesday July 31! Based out of Williamsburg, VA, Hornsby first rose to national prominence with The Way It Is, his 1986 Grammy-winning debut album with The Range.
LA-based Wand, who shifted steadily from garage rock beginnings to more introspective art rock musings, comes to Troubadour on Saturday August 3!
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Western Pennsylvania quintet The Juliana Theory transformed themselves from an emo-rock outfit into a full-fledged arena rock group in the span of their original, decade-long run. See them live at Troubadour on Sunday August 4!
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Since the release of dada’s groundbreaking 1992 debut Puzzle, the trio has created an array of songs boasting progressive rock musicianship, dazzling vocal harmonies and melodic power pop. See them live at Troubadour on Thursday August 8!
Armed with towering, surging guitar riffs, crystalline and inviting hooks, and a newfound collaborative approach, MILLY makes anthemic and immediate alt-rock live at Troubadour on Saturday August 10!
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Argentinian rapper Mateo Palacios Corazzina, known to audiences worldwide as Trueno, was a key player in his country's rise to rap prominence during the late 2010s and early 2020s. See him live at El Rey Theatre on Sunday August 11!
The Hip Abduction, the vibrant St. Petersburg, FL-based collective that formed over a mutual appreciation for West African and early Jamaican reggae/dub music, comes to the Troubadour on Wednesday August 14!
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Mexican singer/songwriter Caloncho’s love-soaked lyrics with words of disillusion, guitar-heavy reggae, rock steady pop sound keeps the mood warm and light, at Fonda Theatre on Friday August 16!
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Mustard Service, an indie rock band based in Miami, brings their self-described "zest pop” drawing influences from rock, surf, jazz, funk, and bossa nova, to El Rey Theatre on Friday August 16!
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The duo of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, Cults' twinkling experimental pop combines gauzy sounds with moods that hit surprisingly hard live at Fonda Theatre on Saturday August 17!
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Twenty years ago, Deviates were considered “the future of punk rock.” The South Bay band encapsulated everything that was right about Southern California’s late ’90s/early 2000s punk scene. See them live at Troubadour on Saturday August 17!
A dusky pop vocalist, Carlie Hanson gained fame in 2016 with her viral hit "Only One." See her live at Troubadour on Sunday August 18!
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LA-based singer-songwriter Doug Locke’s unique blend of pop and alternative r&b with a rock sensibility and Kara Connolly’s infectious pop songs that blend memorable hooks, live at Troubadour on Thursday August 22!
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Utilizing hip-hop, jazz, New Orleans R&B, blues, and rock in their gumbo, Lettuce bring their update to the sound of classic '70s funk to The Novo on Friday August 23 🥬
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The White Buffalo, carving out a sound rooted in dark folk, countrified soul & cinematic storytelling and Chicago’s Shawn James timeless sound steeped in blues, live at Fonda Theatre on Saturday August 24!
Lola Kirke stands out like a flash of neon magenta in this nostalgic landscape of Americana tin-types live at Troubadour on Thursday August 29!
Her uncompromising vision and unfiltered approach has made Zheani one of the most exciting new names in Australian rap. See her live at Fonda Theatre on Thursday September 5!
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John Vincent III, an Americana artist with a penchant for pairing soulful folk-pop melodies with vulnerable lyrics, comes to Fonda Theatre on Thursday September 12!
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A multidisciplinary musician, playback singer, and songwriter/composer as well as a genre-defying solo artist, Sid Sriram is best known for his soulful soundtrack performances. See him live at Fonda Theatre on Sunday September 15!
Born and raised in North London, Jazmin Bean (they/them) has set a towering bar for modern pop music, not only as a singer-songwriter but as a multimedia artist. See them live at Fonda Theatre on Monday September 16!
Immersed in diverse cultures his whole life, Odeal’s varied upbringing has led to his fusion of Alte, R&B and Afro, fast-tracking him into becoming the voice to watch out for over the past few years. See him at El Cid on Wednesday October 23!
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